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As the time goes on, waiting for unprecedented success to come. For those who dream much. Unlike those who move ahead, who keep on working, bracing for struggle for the benefit of the judgment day. Some of us are working and some are still studying. I would like to discuss a little bit regarding the importance of being expert in things that we can specialize.

I love to read a book entitles ‘The World Is Flat’ written by Thomas L. Friedman. I would like to take several excerpts from this book. “because as the pie grew in size and complexity, so too did people’s wants, and this increased the demand for people able to do complex work and specialized tasks”. The pie here refers to the expanding globalization in the world in the form of free trade.

Thus, people able to do complex work and specialized task must come from knowledgeable background. Let me quote more of his writings “ If you are a knowledge worker making and selling some kind of idea-based product-consulting or financial services or music or software or marketing or design or new drugs-the bigger the market is, the more people there are out there to whom you can sell your product.”

Rather than just becoming workers that follow procedures, doing routine jobs, we should be creative, having new ideas, own certain specialties thus producing ideas which can give us an edge in this globalized world. Thomas further said “ So, idea-based workers do well in globalization, and fortunately America as a whole has more idea-driven workers than any other country in the world.”

The concept highlighted here is the need to become idea-based worker, who are experts. It comes from experiences as well as hard works in the academic field. Some companies are creative in utilizing creative workers by optimizing their skills. Opsware, a software company based in California uses technology to do this. As noted by Thomas, this company uses automation and software to replace human beings in the operation of huge server farms in remote locations. Thomas further wrote “ By automating these jobs, Opsware enables companies to save money and free up talented brainpower from relatively mundane tasks to start new businesses in other areas.

Look! Companies don’t want to waste talented brainpower. So that, we should aim to be expert in things we can specialize in. Especially, since we are dakwah activists, having to show good examples for the others to emulate. Be critical when studying at the university, arguing, as long as it does not violate Islamic principle.

As said by murabbi, we should prepare ourselves with knowledge that we can specialize. In our dakwah organization, one of the medium for people to know us is by making ourselves expert in something that can contribute to the society. If ikhwah akhwats come from Islamic studies, they should aim to futher their study to master level. There are less lawyers in our organization, thus we need to have activists in this field as well as others too.

In PEMBINA, we have outstanding figures that we can call expert. We can choose our president, Akh Ibrahim Hassan and Akh Muhammad Rusydi bin Muhammad Alias, an active PEMBINA Johor activist who is currently doing pHD in UTM.

Syimir bin Shaziman,
Ahli unit perbendaharaan PEMBINA cawangan Negeri Sembilan

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